Tekzone LLC is a leading Oil and Gas contractor in UAE. Our expertise includes Oil & Gas piping, Oil Tanks, Fuel Stations, Marine Loading Arm, Pumping Station, Underground Piping, and Cross Country Pipelines.

Client: Emirates Petroleum Products Company L.L.C (EPPCO)
MAJOR PROJECTS: Underground Diesel Gas Oil(DGO) Pipe Line Project-Terminal 1
Upgradation of Tanker Truck Loading Rack (TTLR) Piping System.
Above Ground Fire Water Piping Ring in Terminal 1 - JAFZA

Year of Construction: 2018-2020
Type of contract : EPC Contractor

Systems : Diesel Gas Oil (DGO) Piping: Tanker Truck Loading Rack (TTLR) : Pumping Station Power/control Cable Network : Firewater Network (Sea water Application) : Terminal Communication/CCTV system : Instrumentation and Control

MECHANICAL: Detailed Engineering & Stress Analysis. Underground 16” DGO pipeline from Berth to Terminal 1 with Tie ins. Aboveground 14” API 5L Piping (1 KM) with Internal Fusion Bond Epoxy Coating & outer Painting. TTLR piping upgradation for product segregation. Structural Steel Supports for the pipeline, Valve Operating Platforms & Crossover platforms.

ELECTRICAL: MCC to Jet Fuel Pumping station power/control cabling, Inline heat shrink cable jointing, Optical Fiber Cabling/Splicing, OTDR testing, Local control stations, TTLR control panel upgradation.

CIVIL: Pneumatic/Suction Excavation in explosive or hazardous atmosphere for Underground piping/cabling. Foundations for pipe supports, operating platforms. Construction of Valve chambers/Manholes for underground services.

SHUTDOWN: Shutdown, Draining & Isolation of Berth to Storage Terminal Loading Pipeline for tie in with the new pipeline. Jet Fuel Pumping station MCC shutdown for inline cable joints. APPROVALS OBTAINED : Trakhees (EHS & CED), Dubai Civil Defense (DCD), JAFZA

Client: Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)
Project Name: MULTIPLE PROJECTS –Fuel Storage and Distribution Terminals / Depots & Fuel stations
Year of Construction: 2006-2020
Type of contract : Main Contract
System : Fuel Intake Piping from Berth to Tank farm Terminal Truck Loading Bays Marine Loading Arm Overhauling Fuel Station – Full Fuel System with Dispensers Jacketed Fuel Piping Flow Metering System Tank Gauging Instrumentation and Control Mechanical: Diesel Piping, Gasoline Piping, LPG Piping, Jacketed Fuel Piping, Floating Jetty Dispenser and its Piping works .
Tanks: Two Hour Fire Rated Tanks, Single Skin & Double Skin Storage Tanks for Fuel Stations.
Structural: Loading bay platforms, Pipe Supports.
Civil: Fuel Station Tank Foundations, Dispenser islands.
Electrical &Instrumentation : Tank Gauging System, Flow Metering, Flow Computing, Filling station, Instrumentation and Control system, Tank Farm MOV Automation,Truck Loading Automation.
Shutdown Works: Marine Loading Arm Installation with Sea Movement. LPG Tank Header Line .
Overhauling & Maintenance : Marine Loading Arms overhauling and Annual Maintenance for Sharjah Depots and Hamriya Depots.

Client: ENOC Processing Company Limited (EPCL) Projects • Multiple Mechanical Works for Various Projects.
• Cooling Fin Fan Structural Platform Supply and Installation
• Mechanical and Piping Dismantling Works for Plant 02 &05
• Off Spec LPG Reprocessing Piping at Plant 12 and Plant 23
Year of Construction: 2017-2020 Type of contract : Main Contract Systems : Atmospheric Residue Interconnections: Sour Water Feed System :
Agar Water System : Plant Air and Water : LPG Pipeline: Plant Oil water separator system :Plant Demolition : • Sulphur Recovery • LPG Merox • LPG Amine
Piping: LPG, Ammonia, Atmospheric Residue. Agar water , Sour water, oil water separator line. Structural: Process Area Cooling Fin Fan Support Platform for Plant 2 and 12, Pipe Supports, Platforms Civil : Agar water Sump Pit Construction, Excavation and Trench Construction Electrical & Instrumentation : Electrical Cabling Works for Tank farm, process area lighting, power cable for process equipment’s

Client: Emirates General Petroleum Corporation ( Emarat)
Project Name: • Conversion of Tanks TK-2 & Tk-3 with associated piping.
• Above Ground Floating Fuel Storage Tank Maintenance (Tank 7)
• Radar Tank Gauging System.
• Replacement of Sea water intake pump strainers with diving team.
• Leak Detection and Repair of Underground Diesel line at SAQR Port.
• Supply and Installation of Floating Roof for Above Ground Fuel Storage Tank.

Year of Construction: 2010-2020
Type of contract : Main Contract
System : Tank Roof replacement and Floating roof Installation • Leak Detection of Underground Pipeline • Radar Tank gauging system • Tank Hydro testing with seawater • Sea water intake Strainer Replacement • Tank painting – Full Internal & External for 3 Tanks Mechanical: Replace full roof of 40 meter diameter fuel storage tank. Replace damaged shell walls, Install floating roof for 2 storage tanks. Piping works in tank farm and pump station. Replacement of 36 meter dia tank annular plate, Repair works on 25 meter dia, 15-meter height fuel storage tank including floating deck. Under Ground Diesel line leak detection and repair works from berth to terminal.
Structural: Tank platforms and staircase, roof supports, valve operation platforms. Painting internal and external of 3 storage tanks including internal roof.
Civil : Excavation and office modification works, Pipe Civil Foundation, Valve Pit Construction.
Electrical & Instrumentation : Radar Tank Gauging system relocation with underground cabling Power, communication and optical fiber cabling network upgradation. Tank Hydro test : Carry out hydro test using sea water for 3 no:s of big fuel storage tanks with all authority approvals.

Client: Star Energy Oil Tanking
Project Name: Marine Loading Arm (MLA) & Gangway System for Berth №s 8 & 9
Year of Construction: 2019-2020
Type of contract : EPC
System : Marine Loading Arms (MLA) • Gangway Towers • Hydraulic System for MLA • Header Piping for MLA • Electrical and Instrumentation • SCADA System Integration Mechanical : Detailed Engineering. Replace existing marine loading arms at berth 8 and 9 with higher Capacity MLAs (05 №s). Berth Piping, Pig launcher piping, Tie in connections, Hydraulic Power Units, Hydraulic SS Tubing Network.
Elecrical & Instrumentation: Power/control cabling from Substation MCC to Berth Equipments – HPU power packs, Gangways, Control/RIO panels, Area Lighting. HDGI cable trays, Ex-proof panels/junction boxes, Light Fixtures. Integration & interfacing of new MLAs with existing SCADA system. Structural: Structural steel design calculation, Gangways steel structure installation, Access platforms, Crossover platforms, Pipe support structures. Civil: Site survey, Construction of foundations for MLAs, Gangway towers, Pipe supports & pig launchers. Construction of HPU Sheds Shutdown: Sequential shutdown of MLAs for uninterrupted operation of berths. Approvals Obtained: Trakhees (EHS & CED), Dubai Civil Defense (DCD), JAFZA, Tanker Berth Permits, DP world

Client: Gulf Refining Company (GRC)
Project Name: • Mechanical and Electrical works for Gasoil Piping and Rotary Mixer
• New Butane Injection Facility
• Design, Supply and Construction of MMT Tank base
• Demolition Works

Year of Construction: 2015-2020
Type of contract : Main Contract
System : Butane Injection System • MMT Platform • Header Pipeline • Plant utility piping • Truck Loading Metering skid Piping: Butane injection line, Gasoil Piping, LPG piping
Structural: MMT platforms, Pipe Supports, Platforms.
Civil : MMT Platform civil foundation.
Electrical & Instrumentation : Flow metering/Truck loading Metering skid, Power/control Cabling for Tank gauging and butane system. Skully system for static earthing.

Client: Horizon Jebel Ali Terminals LLC
Project Name: • FOC Cable Interconnection between Terminals.
• Construction of Chemical Storage Shed.

Year of Construction: 2019-2020
Type of contract : Main Contract
System : Chemical Storage Shed Construction • Fiber Optic Cabling Structural: Structural Works for chemical Storage Shed Construction using standard Beams and Columns with authority approvals
Civil: Excavation concrete foundation works for chemical shed, vacuum machine excavation for cabling
E&I: FOC cabling & OFC Splicing between terminal 1 and 2 with all authority approvals.